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Ooo! I love the illustrations you did for Bond, although if in pen and ink/monochrome, I'd like something sketchier/scratchier like the Charlie/Snape piece. But I love the full scenes with bits of background, and the composition is fantastic. Or, if color, something sharper/cleaner like the color piece for Bond, or softer and watercolor-y (made up terminology, I has it!) like Puppy Love or the Sirius portraits. I'd like it to be no higher than PG13 rated so I can put it on my wall and not worry when my nieces and nephew come over, too. :)

If I can swing it cost-wise, I'd love an illustration for my story *and* a sketch of Snape like the Once Upon a Time Turner one. :) Email me at djinnj(at) *makes toddler fists*
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