Jan. 29th, 2009 @ 06:03 pm (no subject)
Okay! Here's the situation.

My roommate went off to a con. I couldn't go (see aforementioned crap about Ohayocon being selective and deeming me unworthy of selling art there).

She did not leave money for her half of the rent. Which is due Saturday.

I can't wait on this, either, because I rent from my sister who just lost her job. So I need to get the money to her by Sunday at the latest so she can transfer it to her bank account so she can make her house payment by the 5th.

Here's the situation: I need to come up with her share of the rent. That's $450 by Saturday. If I can get it in my paypal account, I can send it to my sister, and she can get it in her bank by the 5th.

I'll put up a post in a little bit with all of the things I have laying around, and prices for them.
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